Accepted Insurance Plans

Dr. Alexander Mantas participates in the Accepted Insurance Plans listed below. Please call his office if you do not see your Insurance Plan as this list expands every month and may not be up to date. If Dr. Mantas does accept your Insurance please verify your eligibility and benefits and find out the following about your specific plan before your visit.

  • If Dr. Mantas and his Facilities are In-Network
  • If Dr. Mantas is at your Preferred Tier Level
  • Your Annual Deductible
  • Your Office Visit Co-Payment (Due at the time of your appointment)
  • If a Referral is Required
  • Need for Pre-Certification
  • Presence of Co-Insurance

After your visit and/or procedure your insurance company will send you an “Explanation of Benefits” that will explain how your bill was paid and any amount for which you may be responsible. The following may be billed to you and your insurance – physician fee, lab fee, facility fee, pathology fee and anesthesia fee.

Some insurance plans require you to pay different out-of-pocket amounts based on the location where the service is performed. Deductibles, co-insurance and co-payments may also apply according to your insurance plan. By law, you are responsible for these amounts, as well as any non-covered services outlined in your health plan. We will submit primary, secondary and tertiary claims on your behalf as long as the information needed to process the claim is obtained and verified before your visit. If this information is obtained after your visit, the patient or guarantor is responsible for the balance.

If you have any questions, need assistance or do not see your insurance provided below please call our office.

  • Aetna HMO/PPO/POS and recently acquired subsidiaries: Community Care Network, Coventry Health Care, First Health
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield HMO-Blue/PPO/POS/EPO/PAR and Exchange Products PPO/HMO (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
  • Cigna including HMO/PPO/POS/EPO and recently acquired subsidiaries: Great West Health, Health Spring, Bravo
  • Galaxy Health Network PPO
  • Health Smart PPO/EPO/POS/GEPO
  • Independent Medical Systems PPO
  • Multiplan PPO and recently acquired subsidiaries: Beech Street, Private Health Care Systems, Texas True Choice
  • United Healthcare HMO/PPO/POS/EPO
  • Medicare with Supplements and Advantage Replacements (Aetna HMO/PPO, Blue Cross and Blue Shield HMO, Cigna HMO/PPO, United Healthcare HMO/PPO, Texan Plus HMO, Secure Horizons HMO/PPO)