Obesity and Weight Loss

Dr. Mantas offers expert consultation for established patients seeking long-term sustainable weight loss employing current concepts in healthy dieting and effective exercising. For patients interested in pharmacotherapy, Dr. Mantas can advise on the use of various weight loss medications. He is able to also guide patients on modern bariatric surgical procedures and offer post-operative management. Lastly, Dr. Mantas has been involved in the development of novel non-invasive endoscopic bariatric techniques that will be available to patients in the near future. In 2014 he participated in a multi-center study evaluating the effectiveness of the EndoBarrier – a liner that is endoscopically placed in the intestine creating a barrier between food and the intestinal wall. This study is designed to assess its effectiveness in weight loss and in reducing blood sugar in diabetics. Two new endoscopic devices will be receiving FDA approval in the near future – Orbera Intragastric Balloon and ReShape Duo.